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Systemic therapy is an integral part of treating any gynecologic malignancy. The different types of systemic therapies used in the treatment of gynecologic cancers are chemotherapy, targeted therapies (i.e. PARP inhibitors, VEGF inhibitors, TKIs), immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

There are various reasons to use systemic therapy in patients with gynecologic malignancies:

  • To downstage the stage of cancer (i.e. convert inoperable or borderline tumors into operable tumors or before definitive radiation)
  • Adjuvant therapy (after operation) to reduce the risk of recurrence and hopefully improve survival
  • Treatment of unresectable/ advanced tumors to palliative symptoms and improve survival.
  • Heated intra peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is given to advanced ovarian cancer patients intra-operatively after optimal resection of tumor to improve long term outcomes.

Every patient is different and requires individualized treatment. Genetic testing and molecular analyses of tumor is done to tailor therapy for individual cancer patient in order to achieve best treatment outcomes.

Although gynecologic malignancies most commonly occur in postmenopausal patients, there are some younger patients who while undergoing cancer treatment have fertility related consequences and fertility preserving options are discussed within the team and with fertility experts.

Another unique service provided to patients being treated by the AGOG medical oncology team is the option of using a cool cap machine to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss. Cool Cap is an FDA approved technology used in patients with gynecologic malignancies to help with the psychological and social well being of patients while receiving chemotherapy.