Who We Are

Gynec Oncology Group(GOG) is a group of Female doctors, expert in the management of Female Cancers. Female Cancers including Cancers of Uterus, Ovary, Cervix, Vulva and Vagina are quite common. The group aims at the best management of all Gynec Cancers. Be it the diagnosis or the latest treatment, the GOG has team of specialised doctors as well as the infrastructure for that. The Gynec Oncology Group is placed at HCG Cancer Centre Centre, Ahmedabad, where the expertise & the latest technology is available under one roof.

Tumour Board amongst the group members is its prime attraction. This is a meeting where decisions for patient management are made based on latest scientific guidelines.

The Gynec Oncology Group ensures Comprehensive Care of the cancer patient. It consists of multiple doctors who are expert in their field of Gynec Cancer Treatment. Their dedication to the site specific Cancer Management make them unique and the leading doctors for female cancers.


Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Kalpana Kothari
Gynec Onco Surgeon
Dr. Manasi Shah
Medical Oncologist
Dr. Manasi Vishal
Human Geneticist

The GOG makes special efforts in prevention and early detection of cervical cancer by offering services like pap-smears with liquid based cytology and colposcopy. We also are able to provide conservative management for preinvasive cervical cancer by treating the lesions locally with Laser or Leep Procedures.

We provide Fertility Sparing Treatment for early endometrial cancers well as it offer Robotic Surgery for endometrial cancer and do complete cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC for managing advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer.

The GOG also has the best doctor for Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy directed to Female Cancers. To top it all, the latest technology to avoid hair loss during chemotherapy is available here.

For the Radiotherapy we have the expert doctor as well the latest radiation machine like, Tomotherapy and True Beam for Image guided radiotherapy as well as HDR Brachytherapy to ensure maximum benefit of radiation with least side effects.

Genetic Counselling and Testing is an integral part of Comprehensive Care. The full time Cancer Geneticist helps in deciding treatment of the patient as well as assessing the risk of Hereditary Cancers in her family. The GOG also has expert radiologist and pathologist to help decisions regarding treatments.

We are a part of Aastha Oncology Associates (www.aasthacancer.org) which is the surgical oncology group at HCG Cancer Centre Ahmedabad. HCG Cancer Centre is a first dedicated private comprehensive cancer centre with all facilities and latest technologies for diagnosis and management of all cancer patients.(www.hcghospitals.in)

This centre has departments like Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncology which have highly experienced doctors and manage all cases in conjunction with the radiology, pathology, genetics and psycho-oncology doctors so that holistic management of all patients is done with all aspects involved. Our, dietician an physiotherapist also help us by actively becoming a part of the patient care team.

Gynaec Oncology Department is a part of surgical oncology department which practices other subspecialities also.The soul goal of GOG is to help you and your family before, during and after your treatment. Our tradition of excellence would not be possible without our highly trained and dedicated staff who put our patient's need ahead of everything everyday.


Our Expertise

Expert Doctor

Our team consists of more than professionals who are highly trained to serve our patients’ needs.

Accurate Diagnosis

To provide superier quality healthcare for prevention, diagnosis and treament of human illness.

Modern Technology

We use the latest medical equipment to deliver top-class surgery services.


The department has state-of-the-art equipment and advanced patient monitoring systems to respond to any medical emergency.


Emergency Call

+91 9979260999